Artificer Xy’Mox (Heroic)

Three phase fight with no clear burn phase. Spec for high mobility, single target.  Hero on pull. 

Assign one group of players (1 healer + 3 dps) per seed for phase 2. One player – probably the healer – needs to call out which of these players is to be the seed carrier when seeds spawn. The seed carrier is any of these ranged dps not currently affected by WITHERING TOUCH when seeds are spawning.

90% of this fight is ‘use the portal to deal with it’. The remaining 10% is ‘Dodge giant lasers’ and ‘deal with stasis traps’.

Boss is tanked East-West (not North-South) as the room is wider than it is long.

The main mechanic is DIMENSIONAL TEAR, present through all phases. Two players will be affected. One is dropped near the boss, the other is dropped ‘somewhere else’.

PHASE 1 AND PHASE 2 – as far away from the raid as possible.

PHASE 3 – Near the middle of the room, where the sword will spawn, in between the sword and the boss.

Players use these portals to dodge raid mechanics.

Tank debuff GLYPH OF DESTRUCTION damage falls off with distance = the tank who gains this debuff jumps through the portals and explodes on the other side of the room. On PHASE 2 dangerous overlaps with seed drops means the player needs to run out from melee and find a safe space – ranged/heals will need to move if they see the tank running at them.

Tanks have 4 seconds to get clear. Taunt early and move quickly. Beware STASIS TRAPS.

Phase 1 (until 70%) FLEETING SPIRITS fixate and chase players. On heroic they outpace normal move speed – move early and use speed boost if you’re late.

MELEE: Jump through the melee portal, wait for the spirit go 3/4 of the room towards you, jump back in the portal and forget about it.

HEALS/RANGED: Run towards melee portal, jump through, wait for spirit to come 1/2 across the room, then jump back through.

Tanks should always exit the portal and head SOUTH. Everybody else should go NORTH. This reduces the chance of a lethal overlap.

Phase 2 (until 40%) SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION spawn around the room. They need to be picked up and dropped away from the raid. The tank with GLYPH OF DESTRUCTION needs to be aware if this lines up with SEED OF DESTRUCTION. Tank needs to run out of melee instead of using the portal if seed is imminent.

Phase 3 (EDGE OF ANNIHILATION) until death

Dragged in towards middle of room. If you’re inside the targeting circle at cast end, you get one shot.  Place one wormhole near the sword, and one near the boss.  Use the portal to get out. 

STASIS TRAPS can be attacked to break them, but it’s better to have a fast mover + immunity clear a whole bunch at once.

The timing for this is not specified but probably it will be something like “After every second spirit/after every second seed/after every second Edge” clear traps. Since traps go on ranged/heals, we can bait these in low traffic areas.
PHASE 1 & 2 – Clump the ranged/heals together in the centre of the room.

PHASE 3 – North for the first two Edges, clear traps, re-use North two more times, then use South/clear South. Aim to have boss down before a 6th Edge.