Sludgefist (Heroic)

Low mobility fight with one big bad and several mini-burn phases. Spec for single target and hero when the fourth pillar is destroyed. This encounter is advertised as a ‘Patchwerk’ style fight, but tight positioning and high raid awareness is more important.

The basic strategy calls for the tanks to slowly move the boss around the outside of the room, repositioning every time melee are getting boxed in by FALLING RUBBLE. The image below shows rough positioning – ranged/heals form a different group and need to keep pace as the melee team is moving around (more on this next). The important thing is that the ranged should stay far enough away from the boss that they’re not being hit by SLAM, but close enough that the heals team can keep the tanks up.

Tactical view of the tank/melee positioning:

Melee are trying to bait FALLING RUBBLE on the outside of the room first.

Keep moving the boss slowly around the room. Don’t be tempted to skip closer to the next pillar – as the fight goes on, FALLING RUBBLE spawns more frequently and you’ll need the space at the end of the fight.

Ranged/heals need to stay clumped up around a dance commander for CHAIN SLAM. If the raid size is large enough (16+) players who are NOT linked should stand further away from the boss than the linked dance party. When CHAIN SLAM goes out all linked players should immediately run in. Possibly more players needed depending on raid size.

HATEFUL GAZE: Will mark a tank and charge at them; must hit one of the four pillars in the wall or it’s a wipe. The charge cannot be kited, so don’t mess around – you have 6 seconds to get to safety. The pillar should be one of the two closest to the boss, take care not to guide Sludge through your ranged/heals team that will be in close proximity to the pillar.

DESTRUCTIVE STOMP: 20 yard radius around the boss knockback. Will also destroy any pillars in the radius (wipe). VERY high physical damage, melee and tanks should get clear. To manage this, tanks should side-step around the boss with ~3 seconds clear before the cast.

COLOSSAL ROAR: Minor pushback/annoyance.

After HATEFUL GAZE, the boss will be stunned and take 100% extra damage for 12 seconds. Align high dps cooldowns for this time. At 30%, the boss enrages and gains 20% increased damage.