Sun King (Heroic)

Objective is to heal Kael’thas to full either by direct healing using cheese seeds (see later) or SOUL PEDASTALS, while clearing waves of adds. It’s nearly identical to VALITHRIA DREAMWALKER encounter.

Spec for low mobility, multi-target (Full AOE), frequent target changes.

Two burn phases: Kael’thas first appearance, and Kael’thas second appearance. Recommend HERO on the trash just before Kael is scheduled to male his second appearance to quickly delete adds, so you only have to deal with Kael and his phoenixes.

Enemies will spawn from all around the room, mainly from the gateway, and will attempt to draw you away from the pedastals. Don’t let them bait you – keep fighting the enemies near the pedastals so your teams can quickly transition to them, then back to the fight.

Any player can interact with SOUL PEDASTAL channeling for 15 seconds. Channel damages player (ramping up in damage taken the longer you channel) and heals Kael’thas. Players need to be topped up or just stop using the pedastal. Will recieve a debuff preventing use of pedastal for one minute.

Assign groups to interact with the pedastals. As soon as the Rockbound Vanquisher uses CONCUSSIVE SMASH, send the next group to the pedastals.

Adds spawn throughout the entirety of the fight, including intermission. There is no specific kill order however the Rockbound Vanquisher has a soft enrage so needs to eventually be focused down.

Assign shot caller to direct raid focus.

CULTISTS: Teleport around and cast VULGAR BRAND. Increases raid damage taken by 35%, if multiple casts get off, it’s a wipe. Ranged DPS should aim to Interrupt/CC at all times. When they die drops a new add ‘ESSENCE FONT’ which healers must top off until they despawn.

PESTERING FIEND: Constant raid damage and when they die do huge damage to everyone in 7 yards. Players must watch their health and evacuate if a big cluster of PESTERING FIEND is about to die. Use soft cc/slows while tanks kite any other adds away while ranged finish them off.

SOUL INFUSER: Enemy that attempts to corrupt the SOUL PEDASTALS, drops SOUL INFUSION when destroyed. SOUL INFUSION can be interacted with by a character to gain +50% healing and it stacks; so if you pick up all four, you have +200% heals. Duration is 14 seconds, so if you stagger the pick up, you can have it for nearly a full minute. One healer should be allocated to pick up all orbs, everybody else should be careful not to click these.

ROCKBOUND VANQUISHER: Tank swap add. Mainly to give the offtank something to do during Kael’thas phases, but will start soft enrage over time so must be killed eventually.

BLEAKWING ASSASSIN: Debuffs random player with ASSASSINATE and targeting circle appears. Move the targeting circle out of the raid before it debuffs. Assassins at 30% go inactive and regen to full health – shot caller should mark and call for alpha strike to eliminate them. Left alone they will quickly become unmanageable.

DARITHOS: Marks players with CASTIGATION (targeting circles that must be moved out of the raid). Once it’s dead, it’s gone forever.


At 40% and 90%, Kael’Thas will spawn Shade of Kaelthas. Take the boss to near the wall; the ranged/heals need to go all the way to the wall while melee stack up behind the boss, as shown below – this is PHASE 1 burn.

For PHASE 2 burn, flip the image.

Ranged DPS priority is to kill/CC the phoenixes chasing after the boss, and then focus down adds, then tunnel the boss. Slain Phoenix will respawn after a short break so be ready to switch back.

BLAZING SURGE: Boss will target a random player (including tanks) for 30 yard tight cone attack. Can (must) be dodged.

EMBER BLAST – affected player simply stacks in their appropriate group. Will leave fire on the ground, move down along burn corridor.

You CAN solo this ability with immunity etc.