Jumping into a Community Raid

Welcome! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been invited to join one of our raids as a pug. Here’s what you need to know:

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Discord is mandatory; the link is on the right of this channel. You don’t have to talk, but you DO need to be able to hear raid directions.

We will drop raiders who fail to comply with this fairly simple request.


Raid assembly commences 19:30
First pull: When raid is full or 20:00

This is a full clear of normal, into heroic.

We expect to full clear Normal on Wednesday.

We’ll then run a fresh heroic on Thursday, reclear the first three, and then progression on Soulrender and Nerzhul.


For new raiders – ilvl 215 for normal, 225 for heroic

Returning (Community) raiders – 210 for normal, 220 heroic


Items that drop for you are yours to keep. If you want to offer it up to the raid, link it to the loot master, who will roll it off at an appropriate time. If you see something that you want being offered up, /roll 100 and then add MS for your main spec, or OS for your offspec (or alts).

The highest MS roll is the winner. If there are no MS rolls, then the highest OS roll wins.

Change your Discord name to your character name, or close enough to it, so that we can easily identify which player is talking/who to promote/etc.

Raid channels are set to push-to-talk on entry because the majority of the time regular raiders don’t need to speak, and background chatter will distract raiders from their job. You can manually set up free speak at any time.


We have a clear set of rules that you don’t have time to read right now, but you should go back and check if you’re going to raid with us in future. In most cases if there is a breach we will offer a general warning to the raid, and then repeat offenders will just be dropped.

Here are the highlights:

When you join the discord, you are at “PUG” rank. If you wish to hang around longer or raid with us again, ask to be promoted to “GUEST” rank. This will allow you to see the raid-logs channel also.

Keep it civil. The occasional F-bomb will be overlooked, but if you’re making other players uncomfortable, you’re gone.

Don’t spam the chat with meters etc. We have logs for that kind of thing. Logs are visible in our logs raid channel.


This is not a full carry run, but neither is it a hardcore ‘nothing less than perfection will do’. As long as we’re not wiping, we’ll overlook any players who clearly shouldn’t be there. If we wipe twice on the same boss, we’ll take a quick pause and check logs and see if we need to remove players.

If you get dropped, that’s it for the night – but it’s not the end of your raid career. You can always come back for the next Community raid!


We’re always on the lookout for good players in need of a good home. You don’t have to be in the guild to raid with us, but we will prioritise our own raiders if spaces are tight. You can check out the raid recruitment targets to the right of this post.