Hungering Destroyer (Heroic)

Spec for high mobility, single target, hero on pull.

Main mechanic is GLUTTONOUS MIASMA. Affected players become healing immune and leech health from nearby players (small circle around character indicates effective range).

Cannot remove debuff with immunity or heal off the debuff. Can prevent damage with shields or damage reductions.

2 players in circle = your HP remains constant.

3 players in circle = your HP starts going up.

If you are full health you continue to leech health from nearby players, making it impractical to simply stack the raid all on the same space.

Management: Assign teams to markers (eg group 1, group 2, group 3…) and split up between melee and ranged side. Use healers to ‘count as’ melee/ranged to make things even. Players stand on their camps except when forced to move(see below), players with GLUTTUNOUS MIASMA step in/out of group as they need to.

VOLATILE EJECTION second main concern. Player marked as target, shortly after, line drawn from boss to target. Players hit take moderate damage, but most importantly, a debuff that increases future hits by 500%.

General management of mechanics shown below:

EXPUNGE: Causes circles to splash around players. When debuff expires will drop OBLITERATING RIFT. Requires raid to move to edge of room to drop EXPUNGE debuff before returning to their position. The tanks should move with a ranged group, as the melee vector is through the boss (bad).

When dropping EXPUNGE debuffs, try to drop these in a controlled order, starting at DROP POINT 1, then DROP POINT 2, then DROP POINT 3. Some overlap is fine.

If you are using a two camp strategy, you can then flip the ranged/melee camps on to other sides of the boss, and continue filling up the room.

If you are using a four camp strategy (shown below) then you will need to use an immunity to clear some EXPUNGE fields using DIVINE SHIELD, ASPECT OF THE TURTLE, etc.

Two camp strategy requires more healing and greater raid awareness (or is mandated by small group sizes due to lack of room for melee with MIASMA) but has less issues with inconvenient GLUTTONOUS MIASMA selections.