Sire Denathrius (Normal)

Three phase fight – the final phase is a DPS race so spec for single target and hero on the final phase.


Split the raid into two groups to take turns eating CLEANSING PAIN.

Some classes can ignore the slow mechanic during the intermission, such as shaman GHOST WOLF, but this must be used before the intermission ends. Some players can also be rescued by a Priest using LEAP OF FAITH. Identify which members of your team do not need to reduce stacks and leave them out of the two CLEANSING PAIN groups.

PHASE 1 is about managing BURDEN OF SIN stacks. Objective is to reduce every player to 2 or less stacks in a staggered fashion to avoid extra adds and damage from BLOOD PRICE.

Basic setup is shown – one half of the raid sits under the red tank, the other half under the blue tank:

When the raid is thrown during BLOOD PRICE, if the teams are between the boss and a wall, they’ll basically land in the same position, and can continue doing their jobs. Whenever CLEANSING PAIN is due (immediately after RAVAGE, immediately after BLOOD PRICE) the raid should stack up in their appropriate position, but are free to move around in between to help burn down ICON OF SIN adds.

TANK NOTES: The boss needs to do CLEANSING PAIN facing a wall, so stand appropriately so that your team that is stacked on you is in the right place.

FEEDING TIME: Run away from the raid until your targeting circle is outside of the raid. Return when the debuff expires.

RAVAGE clears 1/3 of the room at 100 energy. Declare to the raid if you’re going clockwise or counterclockwise. It doesn’t matter which way, but the whole raid needs to go the same direction or you’ll waste time.

These three mechanics rotate through three times.

1 – CLEANSING PAIN ON TEAM 1. Sin adds spawn. Team 1 tank moves the boss around to help cleave adds down. All adds need to be dead and then the raid gets between the wall and the boss for the upcoming boss throw.

2 – BLOOD PRICE (boss throw). After landing, team 2 tank taunts.

3 – CLEANING PAIN ON TEAM 2. Sin adds spawn. Team 2 tank moves the boss around to help cleave adds down. All the adds need to be dead before RAVAGE. The raid can consolidate towards the centre of the room after adds are dead to make the RAVAGE run easier.

4 – RAVAGE. The boss emotes and blows up a third of the room. Tank 1 taunts and the teams move to the next alcove.

Steps 1-4 repeat three times. The boss immediately transitions to phase 2 at 70% even if there are adds up. It’s safe to push the phase once everybody has 2 BURDEN OF SIN stacks or less.

When you push the phase, all ICON OF SIN adds despawn. Consider pushing the boss rather than burning adds if the boss is close to 70% and everybody is below 3 stacks of BURDEN OF SIN.


General positioning and handling of RAMPAGE/IMPALE:

Ranged and heals should stay scattered near the middle of the platform to easily mitigate IMPALE and RAMPAGE, melee players will need to move out into the middle ground as shown above.

HAND OF DESTRUCTION: Raid is pulled to the boss. The raid should dive through the mirror to the other side of the room. The boss will teleport to the raid; but adds will remain in their position. The raid will need to step through the mirror again to resume attacking these adds. Tanks need to wait for healers to start stepping through or they won’t get heals on the other side – to make this easier to see, mark the healers.

Boss transitions at 40% and the room shrinks considerably; must have all adds down or in the center of the room, and raid must move quickly to the center of the room.

ADDS: There are various sets of CRIMSON CABALIST. These adds do not need to be tanked but while they are alive, the raid is taking AOE damage, increased by every add currently alive. They need to be burned down as a priority AND in a priority order to maximise effective use of the boss debuff, WRACKING PAIN.

Aim to transition the phase between add waves 3 and add waves 4.

For the first two waves, the pink zerglings shows the adds that should be hit with the first stack of WRACKING PAIN. The raid should blow up #1 all together, then ranged should focus #2 while the rest of the raid blows up #3. To make it easy for the raid to focus the correct target, have a simple rule in place, such as ‘always target adds to YOUR left first’

The goal is to have three adds down before Hand of Destruction comes in, forcing the raid to warp away. After the Hand has finished blowing up, the raid warps back and finishes off add #4.

WAVE 1 – From the north side – raid is coming from centre of room.

WAVE 2 – From the south side – raid is coming from mirror (bottom of room).

WAVE 3 – From both East and West. Raid is coming from bottom of room.

If you see a WAVE 4, they spawn from the EAST, and the raid will be right on top of them. WAVE 5 spawns from the rest. As long as the raid always remembers to follow the target priority, you can avoid having split DPS.

Remember – ranged and heals need to get out of melee. RAMPAGE and IMPALE are devastating if players are all clumped up. These players will be sucked in before a HAND OF DESTRUCTION cast, so they need to remember to get clear after a mirror jump. It may be faster for them to not jump through the mirror the second time with the rest of the raid, and simply leg it to the other side of the room.

The boss transitions at 40%.



This is exaggerated for effect but essentially everybody stacks on the boss to make room for FATAL FINESSE and RAVAGE movement. Tanks do their best to face the boss away from the raid, and then to get into a good position before SHATTERING PAIN.

Main mechanic to watch out for is regular knockback SHATTERING PAIN. It is heavily telegraphed and raiders have plenty of time to get somewhere sensible but may overlap with RAVAGE and other bad things.

HAND OF DESTRUCTION continues. Broadly speaking, tanks keep the boss as far from the middle of the room as possible while making sure they don’t get knocked into an abyss during SHATTERING PAIN, and the raid is responsible for getting away before an earthshattering kaboom.

FATAL FINESSE replaces IMPALE and handled the same way – players scatter away from the raid. Players should stack close to the boss so the center of the room can be used as a clear space to drop stacks and also to evacuate to during RAVAGE.

Being in red hurts and cancels healing and will kill you quickly (~6k per tick) but not instantly. Even if the entire room is covered in red goo, the fight isn’t over. Don’t give up until the last player is down!