Stone Legion General (Heroic)

High mobility fight with two targets at nearly all occasions, spec for high priority target with cleave. No clear burn phase, but hero best used on phase 3 for maximum carnage.

Need to assign players to soak REVERBERATING ERUPTION (phases 2 & 3), the same player cannot soak REVERBERATING ERUPTION twice in a row.

(Technically not true, they can soak but take 500% extra, so soak with immunity or take one for the team).

Ranged/heals best for this option – assign a general area to drop REVERBERATING ERUPTION to stack and keep bosses generally near.

Need to assign players for picking up anima orbs to deliver to Prince Renethal in intermission phase. Everybody is responsible, but FAST MOVERS are best option for grabbing orbs furthest away from the Prince.

Need to drop markers for WICKED BLADE bounce mechanic. Take note of where your tanks plan to position the boss in phase 2 and make sure raiders are aware of the danger lanes.

Main fight gimmick is various bleeds that can be removed using STONEBREAKER COMBO, explained later.

Notable add – STONE LEGION GOLIATH – not particularly important, until it hits 20% health, goes immobile, and spamming the raid with healing immune debuff. Conveniently, this is execute range. Cleave until the add is around 21-22% and then TOP PRIORITY FOR IMMEDIATE DESTRUCTION.


Pull the boss near one of the walls so melee/ranged don’t have to run a great distance to drop REVERBERATING ERUPTION (not active til phase 2). Raid stacks between boss and wall for AOE heals and bleed management.

WICKED BLADE victims move to STAR and COIN, let the blade bounce, then return.

Use the clear side of the boss for players clearing their bleed during STONEBREAKER COMBO. All melee should jump in after to help split METEOR while they keep hitting the boss.

NB this grouped up combination assumes STONE SPIKE is single player and not an aoe – have not tested on live. If it’s AOE, tank further towards the room and have ranged/heals scatter.

STONE SPIKE will slow players for 8 seconds and otherwise is of no real concern. If it’s AOE or target on players though it’s a problem and the raid can’t stack as neatly as shown, above.

INTERMISSION (triggers when Kaal 50%)

Kill all adds/carry orbs to the Prince. When Prince has full mana he will punt the raid towards the cliff, so get to the Prince side of the room.

STONE LEGION GOLIATH should be tanked on Kaal as although she is taking reduced damage, she is still taking damage.

Note the orb dropped by the STONE LEGION GOLIATH adds 40% mana, so be aware dunking this on the boss will likely transition the phase. Warn raiders to get clear of the edge.

PHASE 2 (Grashaal)

REVERBERATING ERUPTION zones are active. Try to overlap the eruptions, starting just behind the raid and moving either direction (towards the entrance or the cliff). Remember, a player will need to soak these so keep them close the raid and don’t stack them perfectly on top of other zones.

When UPHEAVAL is due, the raid should scatter BEFORE the mechanic occurs, drop their bad outside of the raid, and stutter-step (don’t all rush in) until the debuff drops as they are returning. This way the raid can continue attacking while they’re running back.

Keep the STONEBREAKER COMBO space clear.

INTERMISSION 2 (triggers when Grashaal 50%)
Same as before.

PHASE 3 (Both at once)

Exactly the same as phase 2 except more things to kill! Pop hero and light’em up.