Shriekwing (Heroic)

This is a low mobility fight. Spec for single target DPS and use hero on the pull.

The basic setup is shown below.

There is a lot happening, so focus on your role and make sure you know your hide and drop zones. Note that these are different things, if you drop blood where you’re supposed to hide, you’re going to cause problems.

We intentionally have ranged/heals drop their blood pools all along one side of the room. During the hide and seek phase, the raid should move to the other side of the room.

We intentionally have melee drop their pools in the middle of the room. With these drop zones established, it means that all pillars will have free space around them, giving players various corridors they can freely move during hide and seek.

The boss will regularly turn and cleave. Melee can (and should) dodge this, ranged/heals merely need to be greater than 12 yards away from the boss. The image above shows general positions raiders can stand but it is not absolute. Players are welcome to stand/drop pools elsewhere, in particular towards the top of the image is acceptable, but do not drop pools near the pillars or too far towards the bottom – you will be out of range of healers.

At the start of the hide and seek phase, the boss takes regular damage for several seconds, before going resistant. Continue attacking the boss until she has finished casting BLOOD SHROUD, and then get away from her.

You will regularly need to use pillars to block line of sight. Keep eyes on the boss while you’re moving to be safe.