Heroic Illgonyth Kill

The end of Illgonyth. With only two bosses remaining and and hour and a half left on the clock, this was the moment we realised AOTC was in sight.
It turns out our raiders are disturbingly good at killing each other. But that’s okay, because that’s the core mechanic of this fight!

(Edit Nov-12: There’s an issue with Youtube embed slowing down the site. For now, here’s the direct youtube link)
Heroic Illgonyth

Heroic Wrathion Kill

At the time of writing, we’re 12/12N and 6/12H. I’ve just started using Camtasia to record our videos and am working on strategy guides for all of the bosses. The objective is so that when new players join our team, they can watch these videos to see how we get our kills done, and require minimal retraining and hit the ground running.

This is about our third week of heroic Wrathion and the team is looking very comfortable taking out the Black Emperor.