Huntsman (Heroic)

Three phase encounter. Boss and mini-bosses take shared damage, mini-bosses have less health, and phases are pushed as each mini-boss dies.

Spec for low mobility, cleave (max 2) damage.  Hero either on pull or on start of phase 3 burn.

General boss mechanics (present throughout entire encounter)

Sinseeker bolt – red lines coming out from the boss.  Will hit the targeted player and all other players on the line. 

Scatter shot – cone attack, can’t be dodged, but is handled by scattering the raid. 

Both mechanics handled by keeping the raid spread out except for specific intervals.

Melee should be in a tight clump behind the boss so ranged and heals have plenty of room to move.


Tank close to a wall, melee between the boss and the wall, ranged and healers loosely scattered towards the middle of the room. 

Margore – Randomly lunges on a player and kills them after 6 seconds.  Need ~4 players to join the circle, note it hits quite hard so be topped up. 

PHASE 2 – BARGAST (Triggered on death of Margor)

New mechanic: RIP SOUL, pull Bargast out towards the edge of the room so this add isn’t spawned in the raid. Keep Bargast out until the additional mini-adds spawn, then bring Bargast back to the boss.

The mini-adds need to be CC’d using hard lockdowns (disables such as ENTANGLING ROOTS will not be effective).

Bring the first add in to destroy after they’ve both reached ~50 energy, and a RIP SOUL has just been destroyed. Bring the second add in after the next RIP SOUL.

PHASE 3 – HECUTIS (Triggered on death of Bargast)

Same basic formation as phase 1.

Players hit by PETRIFYING HOWL must immediately leave the raid area and drop debuff against a wall. Slowed + explode = move early or die.

Main mechanic is CRUSHING BLOW, mini-boss gains +25% damage per melee, drops stacks and inflicts raid damage on moving.

Let mini boss get a few stacks then use raid damage reduction, then move the mini-boss while DR remains up. Note players can move freely, only Hecutis movement is an issue. The raid should maintain it’s formation, and Hecutis is simply kited in a small circle around Huntsman.