Raider Info

These general rules apply to all raid teams.  Each raid team may have additional guidelines in place that you should make yourself familiar with. 

I’m brand new to raiding! Am I still allowed to come?

We have a number of talented players who enjoy helping newbies find their wings (that’s a Paladin joke, by the way). We will try to get new players in on bosses that are on farm so that we can get some idea of what they can currently do in order to help them reach the next level of competency. Entry to the raid is not guaranteed though, especially when we’re pushing hard bosses that require the best we have. Read on for more.

How do I join a raid team?

We have multiple raid teams each with their own raid leader.  Make sure you are applying for the raid team that in the right time and content for you. 

Raiders are welcome to raid in multiple teams if they wish. 

Current Teams and Raid Times

Raid Murloc – Wed/Thu 20:00 to 23:00 (Heroic, aiming for Mythic)

Raid Candle – Fri/Sun 20:00 to 23:00 (Normal, aiming for Heroic, eventually Mythic)

Raid Mawrat – Fri 22:00 to 01:00, Sun 22:00 to 23:00 (Normal, aiming for Heroic)

Raid spaces are finite and success is not guaranteed.  This means the positions are effectively competitive.  Raiders need to meet basic performance, preparation, personality and attendance requirements.

PERFORMANCE is an objective measure of your character’s ability to execute their role competently.   We use WoW logs to get a clear view of what your character is doing on each boss encounter.  You can get a quick run down on how WoW logs is used in the guides section of this website. 

We expect DPS raiders to maintain an above 50% parse rating for their class for the current content that is on farm.  We only consider actual kills for parses. 

For healers and tanks the call is more subjective and will be up to the raid leader and their leadership team. 

PREPARATION is a subjective measure of your time spent outside raid making your character ready for raid.  This includes such things as:

Researching boss encounters to identify what talent choices are best for each boss

Researching your class guides to confirm your best rotation or action priority

Researching and installing appropriate addons to help you play more effectively

Testing out your gear and secondary stat weight priorities on

Checking our boss strategies on this website so you know what the plan is ahead of time

Ensuring your characters come to raid appropriately enchanted and equipped

Practicing your combat opening abilities on target dummies to ensure you’re first thirty seconds of battle are glorious

Practicing your combat rotation so you’re never stuck wondering which button to press

Ensuring your priority buttons (or all buttons) are bound to shortcuts

If any of these things seem arduous or unreasonable, this is not the guild for you.

Unprepared players are easy to identify – they’re the ones whispering the raid leader “So what do I do on this fight?” or asking mid-combat “When is hero?”  These kinds of things waste everybody’s time, and frustrate the other players who have done their homework. 

In our experience, anybody who is reading this page is probably the kind of player who we want.  Yay, you!  You’re going to fit in just fine.  Although…

PERSONALITY is basically how you get along with the rest of us.  Some personalities aren’t well suited to being asked to clear comms, hate constructive criticism, or just aren’t team players.  Most of our players are adults with jobs and/or children, and we’ve come to raid to wreck bosses and damage metres.  We don’t have time for, let’s say, big personalities.  If you get in the way of this, I’m afraid it’s not us, it’s you.  And that’s OK – there are plenty of guilds over on Frostmourne that you’ll probably fit in just fine. Personality also refers to your ‘can do’ espirit-de-corps, and how you respond to the challenges Blizzard set before us. Do you respect calls to clear comms? Do you whine about internet speeds or loot rolls? Are you always afk for a ready check? Do you basically have a fun time in the raid? All of these and more are important.

For the vast majority of our applicants, this is the main deal breaker – we bench them for one night, and the next day they’ve gquit and said “Sorry, I’m looking for a more competitive minded guild…” and we wish them good luck, and good fortune.  We don’t burn bridges, but we also don’t chase after players who want to leave.  We are a casually-hardcore guild.  We don’t expect perfection.  We just expect players to try their sincere best. 

ATTENDANCE is a measure of how often you turn up.  If you’re missing out on raids, then you’re missing out on gear, and progression experience.  Players who routinely don’t show up to raids, or are often late, might be replaced with other players who aren’t as good simply because they’re available, and the others were not.  We don’t wait for late players (although if you let us know you’re running late in the #attendance channel, we might save a spot for you) if we have other players standing in line to come in. 

You should be aiming for 80% attendance – that’s three out of four weeks. We accept that players need time off for holidays, surprise family visits, or sometimes you just can’t get a good Internet connection. However if we can’t rely on you to be there regularly, we’ll need to find somebody else who is.

In order to help us quickly work out which players will be ready to raid, and those that will need more time, applicants begin at “raid-trial” rank.  Generally, you will be at this rank for two weeks while you are evaluated for suitability in the team you have applied for.  If you meet the requirements as outlined above, you will be promoted to “raider” rank.  If you have some shortcomings, but the leadership team feels these are issues that can be overcome in a short time frame, your raid trial will be extended.  You will also receive direction and feedback on the areas that need to be improved in order to pass. 

If the leadership team feels that your character isn’t ready to raid, or the player isn’t a good match for the team, the raid trial will be failed.  We will indicate what areas aren’t satisfactory and when these are resolved you are welcome to apply for raider trial again. 

If you want to bring an alt or offspec to the raid after your first character has already passed trial, that alt or offspec will need to complete it’s own raid trial. Entry is not guaranteed and we’ll typically be very cautious about allowing players to bring alts when the rest of the raid is still getting gear. Your best bet is to bring your alt to bosses that are on farm content so that we can get some logs to prove you know what you’re doing, and then we’ll give you a shot at a prime time position.

Entry requirements

Raid leaders may arbitrarily include any player they see fit.  While player competency is more important than item level, item level is a good benchmark to protect the raid if the player is new or unknown. Therefore, we have set these fairly trivial gearing requirements in order for a raider to apply for a team. 

For NORMAL difficulty raids, raid-trial rank requires ilvl 175. 

For HEROIC difficulty raids, raid-trial rank requires ilvl 190. 

For MYTHIC difficulty raids, entry is not yet decided.  We don’t currently have any teams actively running mythic although this is expected to change early in 2021. 

How can I get into a raid if I don’t meet the item level requirements?

Mythic Keystones award better and more consistent gear than raiding until you are in mythic raids.  Keys are being run all the time – see the #keystone-pyramid-scheme for details.  Let your raid leader know you’re interested in joining the team once you have your gear, and they might even get a few mythic keys done with you to get an early idea of your skill set. 

Loot Rules

When an item drops in the raid, the player who won it, owns it. 

If they wish to offer it up to the raid, they can message the loot master. 

At an appropriate time, the item is rolled off.  Comms and raid chatter must be cut while loot is being rolled out.  If you are interested in an item, roll /100.  If the item is for your main spec on this character, then add MS (main spec) into the chat. 

If the item is for your offspec, add OS (off spec).  If you just want the item because it’s got a cool transmog, or you suddenly realised the item is of no value to you, add MOG (transmog). 

For other items such as pets, mounts, or any other open-to-raid item, it’s a straight /100 with nothing added. 

BOE items are occasionally offered up in raid.  These follow the same rules as before.  Further, the player who wins a BOE must equip it immediately.  This is to avoid any potential pain if the winner ends up selling the item on the auction house, thereby disrespecting the original winner’s charitable spirit.  This also helps ensure that only players who really need the item will roll for it. 

After an item is won, there is to be no discussion on whether the item would be better for another player/’does anybody else need it’ etc etc. The rules are clear so that everybody knows what is supposed to happen so that we don’t waste time handing out loot.


Additional details and commonly asked questions can be found in our #raid-faq channel on the discord.