Sire Denathrius (Heroic)

Three phase fight with a clear final burn phase.

Determine if your raid is going CLOCKWISE or COUNTERCLOCKWISE, or across the room for cheating hijinks.

Split the raid into two teams for BURDEN OF SIN and CLEANSING PAIN management. The teams alternate taking CLEANSING PAIN hits. Mark the tanks and have each team stand on their appropriate tank when CLEANSING PAIN is imminent. The tanks should be on opposite sides of the boss as shown:

Having the boss facing a wall causes the adds to cluster around the raid, enabling for easier AOE destruction and NIGHTBRINGER management. If the boss is allowed to fire towards the middle of the room (as shown below), the adds will scatter much further away and you’ll waste time having to hunt them down, and your raid is going to be spread out for NIGHTBRINGER.

As long as Sire is hitting a wall, even if it’s a weird alcove as shown above, it’s preferred over shooting the middle of the room.

Sire’s facing and therefore where CLEANSING PAIN goes needs to be tightly controlled. He will immediately cast CLEANSING PAIN after BLOOD PRICE and will frequently not respond to taunts until after the second cast (that’s bad).

Tank taunts TL;DR version –
Tank 1 taunts/cleansing pain.
Tank 2 taunts/gets thrown/cleansing pain
Ravage cast starts – tank 1 taunts and gets to the new position.

Since each player being hit by CLEANSING PAIN creates an add that contributes to raid AOE, if there are players who can ignore the mechanic (Shaman in Ghost Wolf is the most obvious example) they should avoid all CLEANSING PAIN hits.

Otherwise, each player needs to get hit once per room-third. This is achieved by the raid turning off their brains and blindly standing on the tanks, who are following the TL;DR above.

However, since you’re reading this, here’s the details:
Tank 1 taunts and positions between the boss and the wall. Team 1 stands on tank 1 for cleansing pain.
The raid burns down the adds and tank 2 taunts the boss. During this time, NIGHTBRINGER will occur.
After NIGHTBRINGER, the boss will cast BLOOD PRICE and throw the raid. Raiders who got between the boss and the wall will be thrown a shorter distance.
After the throw, tank 2 gets between the boss and the wall, and the raid stands on tank 2 for the next cleansing pain.
After this, there’ll be another NIGHTBRINGER, and then RAVAGE will force the raid to reposition. Tank 1 taunts and we run away!

To ensure the adds are focused down correctly (and also to track when that is not being done), it is convenient to allocate halves of the boss for each team to be responsible for.

After a group has cleared their set of adds, they need to help finish off the rest of the adds. Killing all the adds is a raid wide responsibility – splitting the groups up like this just helps ensure they’re all killed quickly.


Healing cooldowns/soaks need to be used before the cast. Raiders have one GCD after being thrown before hitting the ground and can use instant casts to save themselves if needed (e.g. lockrocks/leaps/blinks etc).
Raiders should try to position themselves between the boss and the wall to reduce the distance (and therefore lost DPS time) of the throw.
The damage YOU take is proportionate to the number of people who have the same amount of BURDEN OF SIN stacks as you. For this reason we can’t have the entire raid simply eat every CLEANSING PAIN.


When you get selected for NIGHTBRINGER, pay attention to the red line.

If you are on the SAME SIDE as the add – simply move to the wall.

Raiders stack on your line to soak the damage.

If the add is on the opposite side, move away from the boss AND make sure the red line is going through the boss.

Depending on where the lines are, you’ll either get a parallel train track, or a cross over the boss like this:

Raiders need to soak these red lines, but ONLY ONE RED LINE, or they’ll be one shot. Also, raiders need to stay clear of the red circles around the victims.

Lastly, certain classes (eg Hunters/Paladins) can immunity NIGHTBRINGER away. If you’re doing this, make sure to get well clear of the raid (run towards the centre of the room) so the raid knows not to soak the line.

PHASE 2: Identical to normal, with some minor additions.

Players hit by IMPALE (unavoidable) or MASSACRE (avoidable) drop pools when they are hit. This requires players to skip to the sides of the path to drop their IMPALE pools.

To manage this, tanks will keep the boss on one side of the platform or the other, keeping in mind the boss will need to be moved around from add-to-add, as well as dealing with other mechanics.

This is a ‘generally, try to do this’ rather than an ‘absolutely perfect or die’ type scenario:

When IMPALE occurs, affected players move to the other side of the platform.

IMPALE victims are connected by lines. Players need to avoid being struck by multiple lines. In particular, IMPALE victims must not stand on each other.

Here’s why: The two players in the middle of the group of four are potentially being hit by IMPALE 3 times.

If the players stagger their position a little, as shown below, each player only gets hit once.

To manage this, all IMPALE victims should go to the edge of the platform as early as possible – some players will naturally get their first due to a shorter run distance. The players arriving first should go to the edge, and the players arriving later need to stagger.

Lastly on IMPALE, if the raid is about to go through a mirror when IMPALE is due, IMPALE victims must remain behind before crossing, otherwise they may cross Remoria across the entire raid.

When the adds die, they execute CRESCENDO, spawning pools that will knock players back. This is only an issue during RAMPAGE or if HAND OF DESTRUCTION is imminent.

During MASSACRE + CRESCENDO, raid should prioritise survival over DPS. It is easy to survive with strafe and good raid awareness.

During CRESCENDO + HAND OF DESTRUCTION, it’s probably a wipe. Avoid at all costs.

Note: It’s super important that the tanks stack Denathrius directly next to the add that the melee are supposed to be blowing up, because otherwise you’re missing out on a lot of DPS. Especially on the third set of adds; you don’t have time to be faffing about waiting for Hand of Destruction. Start running and as soon as you get yeeted back, just keep on going.

Phase 3 triggers when the boss reaches 40%.

This is exaggerated for effect but essentially everybody stacks on the boss to make room for FATAL FINESSE and RAVAGE movement. Tanks do their best to face the boss away from the raid, and then to get into a good position before SHATTERING PAIN.

At the start of P3, the boss will be in the middle of the room.

Generally: Raid stacks on one side of the boss (as shown) so they don’t get parried.

When SHATTERING PAIN is a few seconds away, the active tank turns the boss around, so that the entirety of the raid is being knocked in the same direction.

The off tank taunts and sets the boss. Note that this will snap the boss to the off tank’s position, so raiders should have stacked on the inactive tank before the knockback to increase DPS time:

The raid stacks on the off tank…
Shattering pain is coming up; the active tank flips the boss 180 degrees
Tightly stacked raiders land in a tightly stacked clump, instead of being launched off an edge
The boss lands in the perfect position and the raid simply has to move through the boss and turn around.

This basic strategy continues as the room fills up with pizza slices, however the raid will need to move to the sides of the corridors:

As long as the raid remembers a knockback is coming, and as long as the tank remembers to turn the boss around before the knockback hits, all the raid needs to do is focus on stacking tightly on the boss and making sure they’re not getting yeeted off a cliff.

Oh and the other mechanics I guess.

When FATAL FINESSE expires, SMOLDERING IRE orbs remain. The orbs will explode after 10 seconds for RAID WIPE damage, but the damage can be reduced by players standing within 3 yards. Raiders want to drop these as close to the boss as they can, but don’t overlap other players with your circle.

Three orbs placed carefully can be covered entirely by an AMZ zone.

A single player soaking an orb for a full 10 seconds will take approx 50k and reduce the explosion to approx 3k raidwide damage. However it’s more effective to stack 3-4 players in an orb to quickly remove it. Orbs will explode in 10 seconds though so the entire raid needs to commit to soaking.

Main raid killer will be unsoaked orbs, followed by boss positioning. Tanks are having to frequently reposition the boss due to SHATTERING PAIN and HAND OF DESTRUCTION. The raid needs to be on their toes and always keep eye on the target.

As the space gets increasingly smaller, it will be increasingly more difficult to place the orbs correctly. As much as possible, place orbs towards the centre of the room to maximise the chance that players won’t get knocked off the edge.