A new coat of paint

For some time now, the Saurfang server has struggled for raiders. As guilds slowly lost players, the ones who wanted to continue raiding had increasingly slim pickings remaining here, and ultimately moved over to Frostmourne. I’ve been in discussion with a number of other guild masters to discuss the situation and this is the end result – we’ve made a new guild to facilitate coordination between raiding guilds on the server.

In reality this is something we’ve been doing for quite some time – we’ve had raiders from Cryptic, Phalanx, Daemonic, and even cross realm raiders looking for a temporary home hanging out with us. This is the first time any guild has wanted to provide raid team coordination as a service.

The new guild is named Inspiration.


We did it! The dream came true. Shown here is our first kill – we’ve since improved the mechanics a little, mainly in the third phase.
Shown here is the raid leader asking the raid to move before anguish drops, instead of after. Oops >_>

(Edit 12 – Nov: There’s an issue with the embeds slowing down the website. I can’t seem to fix this, so for now, I’m just putting the direct youtube link here.)
AOTC video

Mythic Keystone Nights

Friday Night 8:30 ST til late – High level keys (12+).

Monday Night 8:30 ST til late – Low level keys.

If you’re new to mythic dungeons or you want to bring an alt, then you’ll want our Monday night service. If you’ve already cleared a 12 or better, or think you’re ready to push the envelope all the way to the edge, then Friday night will be your main course.

Make sure to use the right essences for the job, bring flasks and battle potions, and the right attitude to kick bosses in the face and take their stuff.

To help ensure a space in these hotly contested keys, be active and post in the general-chat channel to find a team before the night, and be online before the event starts.

Good luck, and good hunting!

Heroic Illgonyth Kill

The end of Illgonyth. With only two bosses remaining and and hour and a half left on the clock, this was the moment we realised AOTC was in sight.
It turns out our raiders are disturbingly good at killing each other. But that’s okay, because that’s the core mechanic of this fight!

(Edit Nov-12: There’s an issue with Youtube embed slowing down the site. For now, here’s the direct youtube link)
Heroic Illgonyth