Azshara (Heroic)

We have a Ret Paladin as the designated stun on the large adds that spawn, nobody else should stun them.
We have a player assigned to call out when players should soak Ancient Ward/Ward of Power.
Players should go to 5 stacks of Drained Soul.
We have a designated player to interact with the titan console in the last phase.
We mark the Wards with red (right), green (left), and blue (bottom).
We tank Azshara near the middle of the room, right next to the ward of power. The only ward we keep maxed out is the ward of power in the middle of the room.
Anytime an Ancient Ward drops below 30%, no matter where it is, it needs to be topped up.
We kill whichever Tidemistress spawns on green/red, and ignore the mistress on blue.
Click through the titan console 4 times as fast as possible, then ignore it for the rest of the fight.
Hero at 40%.