Raid Community

Welcome! This is the Saurfang Alliance Raiding Community service page. Our objective here is to ensure that you (either a raid leader or raider) are able to find the right people for your team, or the right team for you. This is intended to be a permanent, regularly updated resource for Saurfang raiders to coordinate their teams. You can advertise your guild, or try to find a raid team, through our #looking-for-raiders channel.

Has your raid team ever been short a tank, or down a DPS or two, or didn’t have the required class to push content? Then you had to wait while somebody went to their offspec or quietly googled what the taunt button was called, or worse, you had to grab a random pug from another server entirely. Nothing kills a raid night like having completely new faces who haven’t meshed with the team or don’t know your raid strategy.

Alternatively, do you have an alt that is appropriately geared but never gets to come to the raid because your team already has two tanks, or you just wanted to try your hand at (insert class here) but your raid always needs you on your main?

This is the page for you. Look at the other guilds listed below here and find ones that are pursuing similar content to your own. Approach their preferred contact and let them know what you’re looking for.

Normal/Heroic/MythicGuild NameRaid HoursRecruiting TargetsPreferred Contact
WednesdayMythicInspiration20:00-23:00See ‘Currently Recruiting’ panel on right of screenDiscord: Sky_Paladin#7635
ThursdayMythicInspiration20:00-23:00See ‘Currently Recruiting’ panel on right of screenDiscord: Sky_Paladin#7635
SundayHeroicInspiration20:00-23:00AllDiscord: Skrub #9121

Raiders looking to join a team permanently should reach out to the preferred contact, as shown above. If your guild should be in the table, please message me via Discord on Sky_Paladin#7635 and include all the information needed for your guild. All times are given in AEST (Sydney/Server time).