Creating Discord group chats

Sometimes you need to have a chat space for conversations, and it’s for such a small group of people it’s really not worth creating an entirely new discord server just for this purpose. Our recent Keystone Teams initiative has resulted in a lot of people asking exactly how to do this. Here’s how!

Select the ‘Home’ icon in your Discord.

You’ll need to add people to your private friends list before you can add them to a Friends DM. You’ll need their Discord ID to add them, or, if you’re on the same Discord server, you can just right-click their name and select ‘Add-Friend’.

A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet!

Now that you have friends, it’s time to start creating your group DM.

Select a friend you want to include in the Group Direct message.
Select the ‘Add Friends to DM’ button
Start typing your friend’s name in the search field, and when you can see them, click on their name.
Once you have everyone that you need, select ‘Create Group DM’.

Your private group has been created! Chat away in it like you would any other regular Discord channel.

When your group’s purpose is complete, you can leave in the same way as you leave a server – right click on the group’s icon, and select ‘Leave Group’

My work here, is done!