Mythic Behometh

The raid is spread out loosely as in heroic.
Tank swap at approx 8 stacks.
A designated player calls out when to kill each puffer fish, with approx 15 seconds left on the debuff before transitioning. Currently we only have the melee kill the puffers while the ranged stay on the boss, this allows the melee to get clear before the ranged move to the pool left by the puffer, so both groups aren’t being trashed by the electric feelers.
The player targeted by the piercing barb needs to move directly away from the boss so that the line between the boss and themselves is not deviating in any way. The rest of the raid stacks on this line. (If the victim is moving at a strange angle, then the line will move as well, and the raid can’t stack easily).
If you are intending to soak the beam solo, move directly upwards – this is a clear sign to the raid that they shouldn’t stack in this beam. Make sure you are clear of the raid before using any immunities.
Hero on the pull.