Mythic Maut

We use a two tank strategy, where one tank gathers all of the adds and keeps them in a Devouring Abyss, while the other tank holds Maut. The overall positioning is shown in the image below, and the rationale and explanations comes after.

Set up raid markers, like so.

The melee are on X. They want to bait Maut’s Black Wings towards them. When Maut goes to cast this, the melee have time and room to easily dodge out of the way, preferably behind the boss. One of the Devouring Abyss debuffs should be dropped on coin, so the melee and tanks have easy access to a zone during Stygian Annihilation.

The ranged are on Triangle. They should drop their Devouring Abyss debuffs on blue square. As blue square fills up with Devouring Abyss, they can drop them off increasingly closer to Triangle, even backing away from the boss or towards the north of the platform if needed. They should avoid dropping Abyss near the boss, however, as this may provoke a Black Wings on ranged.

It may be necessary for the team to do this if no Abyss has been placed on melee.

The add tank starts with the pull, and the boss tank stands with the melee.

When the first add spawns, the main tank picks up the boss and the add tank goes to pick up the add. They dunk the add in any Devouring Abyss they can find, as long as it’s more than 20 yards from Maut.

The below image shows the positioning.

After positioning, timing is important. Soon after the second add spawns, which the add tank picks up and keeps in the Abyss, a second set of Curse will go out. The objective is to push the phase before another add can spawn. To do this, move Maut over to the adds, wherever the add tank currently has them.

The exact timing for this is:
After the second Ancient Curse has gone out, wait for Maut to start his next Black Wings cast. While he is doing this, the Boss Tank should dash over to the Add Tank. Maut will consume one add, and then the other add, and transition to phase 2. By this time, all Ancient Curse debuffs must be cleared from the raid.

This allows you to start the burn phase with no adds up, a fully healed raid fresh to burn the boss, and a manageable 5 stacks of Claws on the Boss Tank.