Mythic Sivara

As we face the boss, the room is divided in to a green side and a blue side.
The raid assembles on the green side.
Boss is tanked in her starting position, with the tanks back to the wall.
The first set of spears are dropped on either side of the tanks so that they can clear their stacks.
After the boss is pulled, players withe blue debuff hoof it over to the blue side.
Ranged players fan out. Players targeted by Overflow look for the nearest player to jump on, and then those players jump on one other player to share the goodness. Be prepared to move out as soon as the splash effect drops so you only take a single tick of damage.
Get clear of the boss when barrage is due so you don’t eat a bolt to the face. All raiders need to get clear, that includes tanks and especially melee dps – if more than a single player gets tagged by the wrong color, it’s probably a wipe.
The tanks are occasionally auto-hit by a spear. This appears to be a bug but prepare for it; at the moment the off-tank has responsibility for clearing this.
We’re aiming to clear stacks at 5; the raid leader or designated raid member will call out specific players to clear.