Mythic Xanesh

Assemble five teams of three raiders. These will be your soccer teams.
The pillars and gate points are predetermined, but the start/end is randomly switched.

Generally speaking, the tank is in between Azshara and Xanesh, thus giving each of the void ritual placements a specific left/right/orientation in relation to the raid at all times.

After the ball is kicked, an add spawns that needs to be taken down/interrupted. Because of this, the raid needs to move directly to wherever the ball is spawning, with the exception of the players who participated in the void ritual. The raid follows the ball along and interrupts/kills the adds as they are created. Some players may be sent ahead to keep interrupts on the third add while the second is being DPS’d down.

Because the ball could spawn from either side, the boss should be tanked near one spawn point, and the raid needs to be prepared to move to the other one if necessary.

Also, because Soul-Flay and Torment exists, boss shouldn’t be brought near the portal spawns until void ritual is imminent, so that players can bait these mechanics away from these critical zones.

Balls don’t go in the direction your character is facing – they go parallel to the direction you are facing. If you imagine a arrow coming out of your character’s face, the ball will travel touching that line, as shown below:

Don’t aim soccer balls to where the person is, aim them to the green circles shown below. It’s then up to the next player in the chain to pick it up correctly.

The players in the void ritual all have a specific job:
LEFT – goes to the portal FURTHEST from the raid
RIGHT – goes to the portal CLOSEST to the raid.
MIDDLE – Goes to the midpoint.

Once the start has been identified, the player who went to the true goal should instead move to the appropriate intercept point to make the goal.

The player who kicked the ball initially moves to the goal, and are there as a backup in case the goal kicker missed, but they should avoid touching the ball unless absolutely necessary.