Queen’s Court (Heroic)

We place marks down to indicate the approximate location sparks will spawn. We mark red/green to correspond with each mark the boss is given, and another random mark.
Tank each boss on their mark. Tank swap at 8 stacks of mind control (the debuff the caster is putting on her tank).
One raider (typically a healer) is marked with Moon. This person is the designated charge recipient, and they spend most of their time near a wall. When a charge is going out, the chargee and fellow raiders stack on Moon.
If the player is intending to solo the charge, they go find a wall nowhere near Moon.
The raid DPS is split with melee primarily on the melee boss, and ranged primarily on the ranged boss. Our raid is massively melee heavy and so we have one or more melee switch to the ranged.
We focus down the spark on the melee boss ASAP, and let the second spark die to passive cleave. The third spark is allowed to time out.
Hero on the pull.