Za’qul (Heroic)

We’re aiming to push the boss to 50% at 6 stacks of Hysteria and before players in the Delirium realm are forced out.
Phase 1 – As normal, boss is repositioned to ruptures. Raid destroys any summoners that can be cleaved but otherwise ignores them.
Raid ignores adds until they’re under the boss, then cleave down.
We designate 3x melee dps for the first set of three Delirium portals and a second set of 3x ranged for the second set.
We only dispel the first two fears from Dread and let the third time out.
At 5 stacks of Hysteria, we use a raid cooldown (typically Darkness) on the tanks to help survive the incoming damage. The rest of the team are due back during 6 stacks of Hysteria and a second cooldown may be used.
When the boss spawns more summoners at >50% health, the entire raid steps down to fear realm as soon as possible.
Primary target before Dark Aura is killing the Summoners, then any adds still up, and then switch back to the boss.
Hero when Dark Aura starts.
The raid stays in the Fear realm until the cast is interrupted, then everybody goes back to the normal realm, except the tanks and a healer who are watching for the location of the next Eruption. Once the location is clear, tanks and heals move topside.
Ignore adds, burn down the boss.