Halloween Raid Party

On 31st October, it’s Halloween, and you’re all invited.
Raid Murloc is hosting a heroic clear of Eternal Palace and we’re opening it up to anybody in the guild, regardless of their previous raid experience.

Characters must have an item level of 400 to participate in the run.

Extra Spooky Requirements:
1 – A scary transmog or costume! The Halloween wands are perfect.
2 – Interesting or cool toys.
Like somebody else’s transmog? Steal it with a Reflecting Prism.
Got a Brewfest Pony Keg? Share the love!
Got a train set? Drop it mid-boss fight and watch the raid leader blow his mind!

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Eternal Palace. Be online before raid start at 7:45 ST and look out for the raid invitation!

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