Mythic Alt-run open to the guild

Wipe it up is taking a break over Christmas. We’ll be back on January 15, starting with a Mythic Alt-run of Eternal Palace, intended to be an easy farm of the first three bosses.

All players from the guild are welcome, although as there is a limit of 20 players in Mythic, we will be favouring players from the raid team who are working to gear up new main spec toons.

We ask players to have item level 430 on their characters.

Raid time will be Wed, 15th of January, 20:00 through to 22:30.
We expect the farm bosses to all be down before 21:30 even with a raid full of alts well before then.  Afterwards, we encourage players to work on the new Horrific Visions mini-dungeons with other players in the raid.

Have a safe Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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