Mythic Hivemind

Mythic Hivemind is an encounter that heavily focuses on positioning and target priority. The raid needs to be aware of its surroundings, quickly switch to high priority targets, and aggressively control adds.

This looks complicated but it’s really very simple as long as you follow the rules.
1 – Always prioritise dodging banelings.
2 – Kill the Air Darters in the assigned order.
3 – Move out of the raid for Echoing Void. Melee step out of melee range, drop their crap, then back into melee. Ranged step past melee, drop their crap, and then step out a little further, before returning to their position. Tanks drop theirs exactly where they are standing, sidestep out, and then back to their position.
3 – When not killing Darters or dodging Banelings or dropping Echoing Void, you should be between the wall and the tall boss, regardless of what else is happening.
4 – If there is a Ravager, light it up, then kill all the drones.
5 – When the bosses are split up and there’s no air darters to kill, you’re killing the tall boss.
6 – When the bosses are stacked and there’s no other adds anywhere, you’re killing the short boss.

Tank and raid positioning is critical. While the pictures in the main guide are somewhat general in nature, here is a close up of what the ‘general idea’ is supposed to be.
Specifically, we’re facing Tekris towards the middle of the room so the raid can pile up behind him. When Air Darters are up and the raid is off doing other things, the tank can rotate the boss to a different facing so that the Air Darter hunters aren’t being cleaved.

Now you know the basics, let’s look at the details.

There are three sets of adds that have various mechanics that are trivial to handle on their own, but due to the overlaps and tight timing, difficult decisions must be made.

Around the time a Ravager is in melee, an Echoing Void will trigger. Tanks should drop their void where they are standing and reposition; melee should step just-out-of-melee-range and drop theirs, while ranged and healers should go further. Any drones still up at this point must be finished off before burning the Ravager. Players must not stand on the tanks or they’ll likely kill each other, but dashing through is fine.

Once the Ravager is down, get back to the wall. The raid then continues as described below.

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